Stefani Wilder

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"Would highly recommend."

- review of Vaquera's Haven

Vaquera's Bronc

Stefani Wilder's fifth novel is now available.

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When Emma brings home a once-wild mustang, she attracts the attention of the cowboy across the fence.

The cowboy is cute and charming and Emma likes him straight away. Unfortunately, the mustang turns out to have some issues. She's a bronc. And while Emma is confident with horses, this mare is a handful. She bucks her saddle off, jumps out of her corral, and does all sorts of things that make Emma look like a fool in front of her attractive neighbor.

Meanwhile, Emma's sister and co-owner of the land where the mustang lives would rather just sell the place and move on. Emma finds herself in the impossible position of needing to tame this horse in time to change her sister's mind, all while trying to redeem herself in eyes of Tipped Z's new ranch hand.

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A romantic suspense and mystery

"I love books that give you multiple plot lines. This one was well written with great characters."

- review of Vaquera's Haven

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