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Hi there! This is Stefani. I'm glad you stopped by. I'm building a new thing right now. It's a mailing list, which is old news, I know. But this one is different! It's going to be fun.

So ... what's the point of this list?

I'll be sending out one message a month. I'm going to talk a little bit about what I'm writing, but I'm also going to include profiles of the real horses that inspire me, share tales of how my true stories turn into my fiction, and broadcast the occasional random photo of my horses and my dog. I'm also going to be asking for your thoughts and feedback on my current projects.

Plus, you'll receive exclusive content

Not everything makes it into my novels. For instance, there's a piece of Erin and Clint's love story that didn't fit in either A Man Who Rides or A Man Who Starts. That story is now available just for people on my mailing list.

Want in? Sign up below.

When you join, you will be added to the Wilder List! Yay! You'll immediately receive the Tipped Z short story Thrown. After that, I'll send you an email roughly once a month. If you get tired of hearing from me, don't worry. Every email gives you the option to easily unsubscribe.

Novels for

There's something a little magical about the Tipped Z Ranch. It's a place of tradition and horsemanship where stories about family, frienship, and love unfurl amidst cactus, cattle, and ranch dogs.

A Man Who Rides - Stefani Wilder

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A heart-warming contemporary love story for anyone with a soft spot for horses.

Paperback · iBook · Kindle · Nook · Smashwords · Kobo

A Man Who Starts - Stefani Wilder

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A feel-good love story about horses and ranching, friendship and family.

Paperback · iBook · Kindle · Nook · Smashwords · Kobo

A Man Who Heals - Stefani Wilder

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A charming modern romance about a cowboy who has given up horses and the introverted girl who helps get him back in the saddle.

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Vaquera's Haven - Stefani Wilder

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The inspiring tale of how a battered horse and an old dream help repair a shattered life.

Paperback · iBook · Kindle · Nook · Smashwords · Kobo

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About Stefani

Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Stefani always hoped to marry a cowboy. She did not. (Instead she married a man who turned into a cowboy, but that's a story for another day.) She's always loved to read books and ride horses. She still does those things, but now she also writes her own books about riding horses and falling in love.

Stefani Wilder is a pen name for Robin Stephen. For more information, visit or