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Vaquera's Haven


Stefani Wilder's fourth novel is now available as an ebook and in paperback. Also on Kindle Unlimited!

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“ will not regret a moment spent at the Tipped Z.”

Holly lost everything when her husband was thrown in prison. Divorced and broke, the only thing she has to fall back on is her cousin's offer to set her up in a little house at the edge of a ranch called the Tipped Z.

Holly has never spent time on a working ranch before. Though she grew up wealthy in California and once hoped to complete on horseback in the Olympics, by the time her cousin's wife invites her to go riding she hasn't been in a saddle in 20 years. She's not that interested in the idea of climbing onto a stock horse. But then she runs into her former trainer and secret love of her youth, Diego. She can't help but hope he'll be her second chance to live the life she feels she missed out on.

Meanwhile, there's a mansion going up on the ridge behind her tiny house. It's presence represents the loss of important grazing to the Tipped Z. Holly finds herself with an opportunity to help the owner with his own horses. She needs the money, and she finds she doesn't mind spending time with the super friendly and super rich Luke Rastenhaus despite the fact her cousin despises him.

Suddenly riding with Diego, Luke, and also at the ranch, Holly finds herself pulled in three very different directions. She realizes she's going to have to deal with some unresolved aspects of her past if she hopes to figure out which path forward will lead to happiness.

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Vaquera's Haven works as a stand-alone novel, but it is the fourth book in the Tipped Z series. These novels combine horsemanship, family, love, and the Tucson desert into sweet, thoughtful, heart-warming reads. Discover them all:

  • A Man Who Rides
  • A Man Who Starts
  • A Man Who Heals
  • Vaquera's Haven
  • Vaquera's Bronc
  • Vaquera's Gold

The short story Thrown is also available. An extended epilogue to A Man Who RidesThrown is exclusive content offered for free to members of Wilder's mailing list. Learn more at Stefani Wilder writes heartwarming and sweet contemporary western romance set in the unique and beautiful Sonoran desert of southern Arizona. She draws deeply on her own extensive experience with training horses, along with details from her life growing up in a wild, rural landscape. Her novels are vivid, authentic, and impossible to put down.


A romantic suspense and mystery

"I love books that give you multiple plot lines. This one was well written with great characters."


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"Enough romance to warm your heart and a great story line."

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