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"A great continuation of an amazing series. "

—praise for Vaquera's Haven

Vaquera's Gold


Launch Date: April 6, 2021

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“ will not regret a moment spent at the Tipped Z.”

Caroline takes a job as a ranch hand at the Tipped Z secretly hoping to snag a cowboy.

It seems like she's got options. First, there's the guy who hired her. Sure, Wyatt is married. But Caroline can't help but wonder if he really wants to be. There are also at least half a dozen other cute candidates who live and work on the ranch. She figures all she has to do is show up and do a good job. Surely at least one of them will fall for her.

But when she actually arrives to start her new job, Caroline is dismayed to find that instead of riding out every day with a group of sexy men on horseback, she's assigned the totally unglamorous duty of babysitting a botanist the ranch has hired to complete an invasive species survey. Instead of punching cattle with talented horsemen, she's stuck ponying this guy's gear up and down deserted hillsides because he's not interested in learning to ride.

The botanist is cute though. And sometimes Caroline thinks there are sparks developing between her and Wyatt. Then the Tipped Z launches a ranch school and one of the students seems like he might be a catch. Even better, Blake shows an interest in her also. As things heat up between them, Caroline is going to have decide what she's really looking for in a relationship.

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Vaquera's Gold works as a stand-alone novel, but it is the sixth book in the Tipped Z series. These novels combine horsemanship, family, love, and the Tucson desert into sweet, thoughtful, heart-warming reads. Discover them all:

  • A Man Who Rides
  • A Man Who Starts
  • A Man Who Heals
  • Vaquera's Haven
  • Vaquera's Bronc
  • Vaquera's Gold

The short story Thrown is also available. An extended epilogue to A Man Who RidesThrown is exclusive content offered for free to members of Wilder's mailing list. Learn more at Stefani Wilder writes heartwarming and sweet contemporary western romance set in the unique and beautiful Sonoran desert of southern Arizona. She draws deeply on her own extensive experience with training horses, along with details from her life growing up in a wild, rural landscape. Her novels are vivid, authentic, and impossible to put down.


All the feels!

“A wonderfully crafted world of horses and ranchers and of love and loss.”

—praise for A Man Who Heals


“Romance and real horse knowledge is what I crave, and this hit the spot!”

—praise for A Man Who Rides

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