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"Picked it up for a good book to read while my boyfriend and I went to the river on the weekend, I didn’t make it to the weekend, I finished it in one night! A fun, light, and easy read that will leave you happy and warm!"

A Man Who

Stefani Wilder's second novel is currently available in ebook and in paperback. Also on Kindle Unlimited!

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“Wilder has great skill developing her characters and giving a realistic feel to life on a ranch and on the show circuit.”

Nora is determined not to marry a cowboy. But she's also not sure she could ever fall for a man who can't handle himself on horseback.

It's not that Nora doesn't love the Tipped Z. She wouldn't trade her childhood starting colts and driving cattle through sagebrush for anything. But between her close-knit family, the endless work, and the hours in the scorching sun, she feels like she has to fight for the space to be herself. Despite her brother's constant hints that he could use more help, she takes a new job that will mean more travel and less time at the ranch.

As Nora tries to adapt to her new lifestyle, her lifelong crush, Wyatt, agrees to help out at the Tipped Z to make up for her absence. Every time Nora and Wyatt are together, the sparks seem to fly. But Wyatt has a history of leaving. His life as a roving colt starter makes him hard to pin down. Despite his allure and the chemistry between them, Nora knows better than to think she could change him.

So Nora doubles down on her goals to carve out her own space in the world. It never occurs to her that she might not know Wyatt as well as she thinks.

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A Man Who Starts works as a stand-alone novel, but it is the second book in the Tipped Z series. These novels combine horsemanship, family, love, and the Tucson desert into sweet, thoughtful, heart-warming reads. Discover them all:

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The short story Thrown is also available. An extended epilogue to A Man Who RidesThrown is exclusive content offered for free to members of Wilder's mailing list. Learn more at Stefani Wilder writes heartwarming and sweet contemporary western romance set in the unique and beautiful Sonoran desert of southern Arizona. She draws deeply on her own extensive experience with training horses, along with details from her life growing up in a wild, rural landscape. Her novels are vivid, authentic, and impossible to put down.


“Great description of horse and human interaction. Loved the series.”


Compelling story, great pace!

"Couldn't put this one down. Just had to know what happened next. Great unfolding of a relationship..."

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