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Love and horses in the desert!

"I love it when a story draws me into its world; when it comes to life in my imagination and I have my own personal cinematic experience."

A Man Who Rides - Stefani Wilder

A Man Who

Stefani Wilder's first novel is an Amazon best-seller, currently available in ebook and in paperback. Also on Kindle Unlimited!

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“It is beyond difficult to find western romance novels that not only capture your heart, but make you want to read them over and over and over again.”

When Erin discovers the Tipped Z ranch, she meets a cowboy who makes her want to master horsemanship in hopes of winning his heart in the bargain.

It begins when Erin encounters a cowboy in the street early one morning. Mounted and wearing a hat, cloaked in a cloud of dust, he's driving a small herd of horses through her quiet desert neighborhood. The sight of him lodges in her mind, reminding her of an old dream from her childhood. She decides to figure out where he came from.

Erin's hunt leads her to the Tipped Z Ranch, where she signs up for riding lessons with a woman named Nora. Soon, Erin is hooked. She enjoys Nora and adores the horses. But the cowboy she saw that first day is still around. He's Nora's brother, Clint, and he's always at the edge of things--a distracting and watchful presence.

Then Clint asks to stand in as Erin's instructor for a day. Erin goes in nervous, not knowing what to expect. Clint is a master horseman. She can't imagine why he'd be interested in spending time with someone who still has so much to learn.

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“I love a book where you become so invested in the story that you can't wait to get back to reading it.”

A Man Who Rides works as a stand-alone novel, but it is the first book in the Tipped Z series. These novels combine horsemanship, family, love, and the Tucson desert into sweet, thoughtful, heart-warming reads. Discover them all:

  • A Man Who Rides
  • A Man Who Starts
  • A Man Who Heals
  • Vaquera's Haven
  • Vaquera's Bronc
  • Vaquera's Gold

The short story Thrown is also available. An extended epilogue to A Man Who RidesThrown is exclusive content offered for free to members of Wilder's mailing list. Learn more at Stefani Wilder writes heartwarming and sweet contemporary western romance set in the unique and beautiful Sonoran desert of southern Arizona. She draws deeply on her own extensive experience with training horses, along with details from her life growing up in a wild, rural landscape. Her novels are vivid, authentic, and impossible to put down.

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“Romance and real horse knowledge is what I crave, and this hit the spot!”


Great Read and Excellent Characters

"Loved the character development and the story truly held my interest from the first page to the very last. I was expecting a romantic western and got so much more."

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